NB.  Your download folder contains this guide to installation, & some tips for using the presets.



After downloading…

  1. Move or copy the zipped folder to your desktop
    (or wherever you will find it easy to navigate to)
  2. Unzip the folder (double click on it) – its called “LR PRESETS (name of preset pack) by DEREK SNEE”
  3. Open Lightroom and select the DEVELOP module
  4. On the left side panel, click on the drop down menu titled PRESETS
  5. Right click anywhere within the Presets folder and select NEW FOLDER
  6. Name the folder – I suggest that you select a number like 01. or 02. followed by a name – you can name the folder anything you like. 
  7. Right click on this new folder and then select IMPORT... 

  8. Navigate to the unzipped presets and open the PRESETS folder
  9. SELECT ALL of the presets and click OPEN

After installing…

  • You will find your presets under the PRESETS panel on the left side of your screen in Lightroom’s DEVELOP MODULE

Now its time to have some fun! here are some usage tips